Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 7 Recap on Weight Watchers

Wow, it’s been seven weeks already? Time flies when you are trying to lose weight. Well guys, I will be honest. This week I did not track any of my food or workouts on I believe in the program, I am living proof that it works, but I am losing my motivation for tracking everything I eat. I am still managing to lose weight and you may wonder how that is possible.
Well, after being on weight watchers for a while, you begin to get an idea of how much food you can eat everyday to stay within your points value without actually tracking the nutritional information to get the point. For certain foods, I have the points values memorized for a single serving. For the prepackaged frozen meals, the points values are normally printed on the outside of the box. So it is not difficult to gage how much you can eat to still lose weight every week.

This is good and bad. It is good because after I am done with WW, I can maintain my weight because I have an idea of how much I can eat to lose weight, and eating a little bit more than that everyday should be sufficient to maintain my weight. Ofcourse, it will be a trial and error process but after a while I will know. Also, not tracking my points on is a bad thing because the website takes into consideration how many extra points you get for working out and how many extra points you get per week to use how you please. I can’t keep track of those things in my head.
I think I am going to do one more week on WW online (that would make 8 weeks on the program) before I cancel my membership and continue losing the rest of the weight on my own. I really hope that it does not turn out to be a mistake but I have to fly solo at one point or another. I feel comfortable doing it now.

Because not tracking my points, this week went well. I did not overeat on any day. We had a “na-cho average employee day” at work where they served nacho chips, nacho cheese sauce and jalapenos. I passed on that even though the smell of nachos filled the area and I have not had nachos is a long time. There really were not any major temptations given the fact I did not go to any social events or hang out with friends where there is food around. So the final results of this week equaled success. I’m feeling good about myself but still am eager to continue losing. I am still keeping my goal of reaching 136lbs by November 12th.

Week 1, Monday 7/30 – My starting weight was 172.2 lbs.
Week 2, Monday 8/6 -- I weighed in at 170.8 lbs.
Week 3, Monday 8/13 -- I weighed in at 167.8 lbs
Week 4, Monday 8/20 -- I weighed in at 170.6 lbs
Week 5, Monday 8/27 -- I weighed in at 167.8 lbs
Week 6, Monday 9/3 – I weighed in at 163.0 lbs
Week 7, Monday 9/10 – I weighed in at 159.8 lbs
Week 8, Monday 9/17 – I weighed in at 157.2 lbs

Total weight lost so far: 15 lbs
Wig pictured above is courtesy of Will do a post on this wig in the near future. Talk to you all again soon.

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