Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Toning the Glutes!

So over the course of a few days (a few minutes here and there) I have been searching YouTube trying to find some home workouts/exercises that specifically target the gluteal muscles. I wanted “home” workouts because I wanted some exercises that I could do right in my living room with no additional equipment necessary. I wanted to share with you two of the best videos I found on YouTube from FitnessBlender. These videos really gave a variety of exercises that can be done, very easy to follow, and once you memorize a few of the movements, you don’t even need the video. You can just do them whenever you feel you have a few extra minutes to incorporate a quick workout. These videos focus on the butt and thighs and although my main concern was my butt, working out my thighs as well can only be a plus.

What I have noticed with losing weight is that a lot of my feminine curves start to disappear….or “deflate” would even be a better word, lol. So I wanted to wait until I reached my goal weight to start doing toning exercises because I did not want to build muscle and add pounds on my body from the muscle. Adding weight that is muscle is not a bad thing but when you are trying to make the numbers on the scale go down, if the numbers start going up (for whatever reason), it is kind of a motivation killer. At least it is for me. I figured if I do these exercises with no weights or light weights, the muscle I build should be negligible on the scale. We’ll see J

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