Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Weight" a Minute!

So the battery in my scale has died and I have no idea what my current weight is. It is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because I am not faced with the shock of whatever that number is currently….and bad because I really need to know, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to weight gain. I am debating whether I want to embark on another hardcore weight loss attempt or let the pounds fall off slowly by making a few changes here and there.
Those of you who are like me and struggle to maintain a decent weight know the frustration that comes along with it. Every month of every year is focused on something weight related. If not through actual actions, weight related issues can consume your thoughts and affect your mood. To put it in terms that are easier to understand, if I am not actively trying to lose weight through diet and exercise, weight is still an issue because it ends up consuming my thoughts (as it is right now because I am writing this blog).

Monday, August 26, 2013

African Inspired Headwrap with Bright Colored Cloth

So I decided to spice up this TWA a bit with a decorative headwrap. After only a week of wearing short hair, I am already ready for something different. Here are a few pics of the looks that I came up with. Please check out my YouTube channel for videos on both how I tied my headwrap and this makeup look seen in the pictures below. Talk to you all very soon and as always, thanks for your continued support!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Living for the Weekend - TGIF

Living for the weekend. Most people do it and I must admit I am one of those people. I try to get through Monday-Friday as quickly as possible. The faster the week goes by the better because I can enjoy some much needed time off work. I do wonder though, if I did not have a job to go to Monday-Friday, would I really anticipate the weekend as much? Basically, I just got to thinking, every day is a blessing. Every day that we wake up and are given another opportunity to live our lives, enjoy our family, do what we are put here on earth to do is a blessing but why is it so hard to see that? Why is facebook always filled up with “Thank God it’s Friday” posts? Why do we not thank God for Monday, Tuesday and all the rest of the days?
We have been so programmed to go, go, go that we don’t stop to enjoy the moment, whether it is the weekend or not. There is beauty in everyday, every hour, every minute. There are things happening all the time that are really something special to praise God for, but we easily forget. These are my thoughts right now as I began to think how excited I am to be entering the weekend. There is more to life than the weekend.
Dear Heavenly Father, help us to realize that every day is a gift from you. Each and every day you grant us mercy and grace but we seem to overlook our blessings. Help us to have an appreciative and thankful heart for each day we are alive, regardless of the day of the week. Let us not look forward to Friday, but to each new day that you allow us to wake and live our purpose. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Learning My Hair All Over Again

So after only these first few days of caring for my natural hair, even though there is only a little of it, I am realizing that I am going to have to learn what works for my hair all over again. The same products and methods I used for my relaxed hair will not work the same for my natural hair. That is where YouTube is proving to be sooo extremely helpful. I don’t think people really know the value and worth of their videos.
For example, when I was relaxed, I could care less about “cones.” After co-washing my hair for a few days with a particular conditioner, although my hair felt very soft when rinsing it in the shower, by the next day, my hair is extremely dry feeling. So I watched a few videos on YouTube and found that the conditioner I was using was filled with cones and cones create a barrier on your hair locking moisture out. The more you use it, the drier your hair will feel.
So, now I must start looking for cone free products. To be continued…

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Big Chop Coming Soon...

So last night, after weeks of contemplating what I wanted to do with my hair, I got a intense urge to just cut it all off and go natural. I hesitantly asked my husband if he would shave my head. I hesitated because I was unsure of his response, I did not want him to think I was crazy or going through some kind of crisis. Unfortunately, he told me no, he would not do it. So I asked him can I borrow his clippers and shave my own head. He said no again. I did not explain to him my goal of going natural. He probably just thought I wanted a bald head like him, lol.

Although my husband declined to assist me, I am still ready to go back natural. This has been a struggle in my mind, which I have written about a little on this blog, not because I am afraid of going natural but because I have aspects of both natural and relaxed hair that I love so much. Although my decision does not have to be permanent, if I go natural, I have to start from scratch growing my hair back out. That is at least two years of growth to get to a decent length. Two years is a long time. Lot of parties, events, special occasions can happen in two years all requiring me to be able to do decent styles with my hair. If I stay relaxed, I am wasting time that I could be growing my hair out natural (if for some reason I decide to go natural later, I could have had a head start in gaining length).

Well, my mind is made. The thing that made be lean towards going back natural is the fact that natural hair is in its healthiest state, thus easier to thrive because it is not damaged from the start. Relaxed hair is damaged from the start because of the chemical process it goes through to remove the curl pattern. Can you have damaged natural hair? Of course. Can you have healthy relaxed hair? Of course. But a healthy head of relaxed hair will never be as healthy as a healthy head of natural hair….if that makes sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I will truly miss my relaxed hair. It has brought me much joy in styling over the past years. The only issue was the thinning and breakage I would get once it start getting long which would force me to cut it. Here was the process….grow it out, cut it to removed damage, grow it out, cut it to remove thinning, grow it out, etc.

Stay tuned. A big chop is coming….

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Operation Grow My Hair: Restarting My Hair Journey

So right now my hair is slapped is this ugly lopsided bun on the top of my head. My hair is extremely dry and I probably could not get a comb through it if I wanted to. Needless to say I have been neglecting my hair. I want to do better and I AM going to better. I will wash and deep condition my hair probably Wednesday. Then, since I am hosting a housewarming party this Saturday and don’t want to be bothered with styling my real hair, I will go to the beauty supply store and get a phony pony and hook that up. I have an idea for a style that I am going to call the basket weave ponytail. I will be sure to record it and post it on my YouTube channel. After I have worn that style for about a week or so, I am going to start what I will call “Operation Grow My Hair: Restarting My Hair Journey.”
I am still trying to figure out if this new hair journey will be natural or relaxed. In my opinion, natural hair is so much easier to grow. Not easier to maintain, style, wash, detangle, and all that but easier to grow because the hair bonds have not be broken down by chemicals, they hair is in its natural state so a bit stronger than relaxed hair. Relaxed hair is more fragile because it is already “damaged” to some extent by the chemicals. Oh decisions, decisions. You all are probably like make a decision already, are you going to stay relaxed or go natural! I know, I am feeling like that, too!

Talk to you all soon,

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Beautiful Hair Everywhere

It's Saturday night and I am just laying in my bed surfing the internet. I was on the facebook page of a lady who I am subscribed to on YouTube. Unfortunately, she has been away from YouTube for quite a while, over a year, but she seems to update her facebook page regularly.

Anyway, she has what looked to be an Instagram picture on her FB page with her hair beautifully swept to one side cascading down in healthy looking layers. She doesn't have the longest hair, or the thickest hair, but boy was that picture beautiful. I wish I could post it here but since I don't have her permission I won't. To make a long story short, that simple picture renewed my passion for growing out my relaxed hair.

I told you all I have been battling between going back natural and keeping my relaxed hair. That picture made me remember all the things I love about relaxed hair. On the flip side, when I was in church this past Wednesday quickly glancing around the room, I noticed that half the women were natural. I saw some extremely beautiful heads of hair. Almost became jealous.....almost, lol. 

Still not sure what I should do as far as my hair....