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  1. Hello, I saw your video Petite brazilian hair loose curly and I would like to know if when you install yourself you did some modification, such as you cut yourself?

  2. reply on my email if you please:

    1. Check your e-mail dear, I replied.

  3. Hello thank you for your attention and availability to me. I loved it fairly that hair, get yourself very well. I would like very much to buy this hair, but do not quite know the right sizes and I would like to have your hair a little bulkier than your and a bit longer, not much. But you got your baby well. The hair takes too long to be delivered? is that I live a bit far, I live in Portugal.


  4. I do not know sew the hair on the wig cap. Sera that is easy to sew? Would it fairly learn to do this.
    And how well the hair fell layer?

  5. I am 73\w bald spots in the crown! Just did my big chop 2 weeks ago, now I'm rocking a fade, but I want curls! How can I achieve this? Currently using: Trader Joe Nourishing Spa for co washing, Vo5 strawberries & cream\w water and apricot oil as my leave in, Shea Moisture curl smoothie & Eco styling gel. I have 4c hair! Super soft tightly curl stays on my scalp hair\ Bad 80% shrinkage. Please help me grow my hair back!