About Me

My name is Ebonee and I have an interest in all things hair and beauty. I originally started this blog to document my relaxed hair journey but it eventually evolved into a place where I share anything I am passionate about. I decided to make this blog about everything that relates to me, hence the name "Everything Ebonee." So you will see a mixture of a lot of different topics on this blog. I am a Christian and love Jesus with all my heart as you will see in various posts here as well. I hope that this blog can be a blessing to you in some small way.

On a personal note, I am a wife, mother of four beautiful children, hold a bachelors degree and two master degree, and am working a full-time job in addition to being a YouTube vlogger. So if I am not blogging here, I am probably being consumed by one of the other things I've just mentioned, lol.

God Bless,

Last Updated 3/15/15