Thursday, October 27, 2011

Relaxer Day is Approaching

I will be 12 weeks post relaxer tomorrow so I am planning on relaxing my hair this weekend. I have a trip to Michigan scheduled for next week so I would like to wear my hair down in different styles and they would look best with a fresh relaxer. If it weren’t for my trip, I would continue to stretch because stretching has been a breeze this time around.

So last night I had the urge to cut my hair. (I get urges to do different things with my hair quite often, gotta get those under control, lol.) My ends were feeling ratty….really crispy, uneven, damaged looking. I know that those are side effects from the bad dye job I recently had, and my plan was to hold out and spruce up my ends after my relaxer coming up.  Unfortunately, my urge won and I went into the bathroom and snipped, snipped, and snipped some more. My hair feels a lot better! It is more even, though not completely even because I am still suffering from the short area in the nape of my head. Also, because I have a ton of new growth that was not straightened when I trimmed my hair, I am sure my trim will be slightly uneven after I relax my hair and all that new growth is straigtened. I’m okay with that. I will just clean it up ever so slightly with the scissors. Trimming your hair is good, especially if you have not done so in a long time. It gives you hair this “healthy” feeling. I’ll post again after my relaxer. Hope everyone is well.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Phony Pony and Stretching

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while. Life has been busy. I have been working extra hours at work, decided to take two master’s degree classes this 8-week term instead of my normal one, and  I have my three little ones (including my now 4-month old) that require a great deal of my love and attention. So my spare time is very limited most days.

Also, my time to do my hair has been very limited as well. So…..I just have not been doing it. That’s right, daily styling is out. What I have been doing is rocking a drawstring phony pony and I love it. I put it in my hair loosely so I actually sleep in it every night and don’t have to worry about it pulling my sides. Although I do not recommend this to anyone else, it works fine for me. When  I wake up in the morning, I take off my scarf, fluff the ponytail a little, smooth my sides and edges and my hairstyle is complete in all of two minutes.

I have been using the Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control to keep my edges smooth and neat and I must say, I now LOVE this product. I had tried it once before and hated it because it reminded me of Let’s Jam Shine and Conditioning Gel in the extra hold formula. It is the same consistency in my opinion. But I have now noticed that ORS edge control is not as greasy as Let’s Jam. It also seems to work multiple days. What I mean by that is that if I put it on my sides and edges on Monday, on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday, all I have to do is put a little water on a boar bristle brush and brush down my sides/edges, and the ORS edge control starts working again to lay everything down smoothly.  I really like this product now and will be using it to keep my hair neat during future stretches.

One of the good things about wearing this phony pony is that it is allowing me to stretch my relaxer without even thinking about it. Because of not having to style my hair every day, I don’t have to battle the two textures and basically my new growth is not even in my thoughts. Normally about this time (I am 11 weeks post tomorrow), I am itching to put a relaxer in. Not this time though. The phony pony has helped me to forget about my new growth. I will say though that when I take the ponytail out, which I do once a week to wash and deep condition my hair, I realize again how much new growth I actually have as I am trying to detangle and air dry.

Because I loved the phony pony and no daily styling so much, I decided to order two half wigs from and they should be coming in the mail anyday now. I am excited to get them. I have never wore a half wig before but I scoured YouTube to find recommended ones that can look kind of natural and not so much like fake hair. The two I ordered are Celtic Girl (on the left) and Kara Girl (on the right) both by Freetress. I know they look very similar. I will try them out to see how I like it.