Saturday, August 3, 2013

Beautiful Hair Everywhere

It's Saturday night and I am just laying in my bed surfing the internet. I was on the facebook page of a lady who I am subscribed to on YouTube. Unfortunately, she has been away from YouTube for quite a while, over a year, but she seems to update her facebook page regularly.

Anyway, she has what looked to be an Instagram picture on her FB page with her hair beautifully swept to one side cascading down in healthy looking layers. She doesn't have the longest hair, or the thickest hair, but boy was that picture beautiful. I wish I could post it here but since I don't have her permission I won't. To make a long story short, that simple picture renewed my passion for growing out my relaxed hair.

I told you all I have been battling between going back natural and keeping my relaxed hair. That picture made me remember all the things I love about relaxed hair. On the flip side, when I was in church this past Wednesday quickly glancing around the room, I noticed that half the women were natural. I saw some extremely beautiful heads of hair. Almost became jealous.....almost, lol. 

Still not sure what I should do as far as my hair....

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