Thursday, August 15, 2013

Big Chop Coming Soon...

So last night, after weeks of contemplating what I wanted to do with my hair, I got a intense urge to just cut it all off and go natural. I hesitantly asked my husband if he would shave my head. I hesitated because I was unsure of his response, I did not want him to think I was crazy or going through some kind of crisis. Unfortunately, he told me no, he would not do it. So I asked him can I borrow his clippers and shave my own head. He said no again. I did not explain to him my goal of going natural. He probably just thought I wanted a bald head like him, lol.

Although my husband declined to assist me, I am still ready to go back natural. This has been a struggle in my mind, which I have written about a little on this blog, not because I am afraid of going natural but because I have aspects of both natural and relaxed hair that I love so much. Although my decision does not have to be permanent, if I go natural, I have to start from scratch growing my hair back out. That is at least two years of growth to get to a decent length. Two years is a long time. Lot of parties, events, special occasions can happen in two years all requiring me to be able to do decent styles with my hair. If I stay relaxed, I am wasting time that I could be growing my hair out natural (if for some reason I decide to go natural later, I could have had a head start in gaining length).

Well, my mind is made. The thing that made be lean towards going back natural is the fact that natural hair is in its healthiest state, thus easier to thrive because it is not damaged from the start. Relaxed hair is damaged from the start because of the chemical process it goes through to remove the curl pattern. Can you have damaged natural hair? Of course. Can you have healthy relaxed hair? Of course. But a healthy head of relaxed hair will never be as healthy as a healthy head of natural hair….if that makes sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I will truly miss my relaxed hair. It has brought me much joy in styling over the past years. The only issue was the thinning and breakage I would get once it start getting long which would force me to cut it. Here was the process….grow it out, cut it to removed damage, grow it out, cut it to remove thinning, grow it out, etc.

Stay tuned. A big chop is coming….

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