Thursday, September 20, 2012

Typical Meals for a Day on Weight Watchers

Points Allowance for the day = 26 points
Additional Points gained from working out = 3 points

Quaker Instant Peach Oatmeal (2 Packets) = 7 points
Banana = 0 points
   Water = 0 points 

Healthy Choice Chicken Margarita Frozen Meal = 8 points
Cashews (1 oz) = 5 points
Apple or Strawberries = 0 points
Water = 0 points

One Nutrigrain Bar = 3 points

Baked Chicken Leg = 5 points
Salad of Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers = 0 points
Fat Free Italian Salad Dressing = 1 points
Water = 0 points


Total Points Allowance for the day = 29 points
Points used = 29 points
Sometimes I will eat two snacks during the day because I get 49 additional Weekly PointsPlus Allowance which are basically just points that I can spread out over the days of the week or use all in one day for a splurge. I always drink water because I cannot bear using points that could be used for food on something like juice or soda (I don’t even drink soda). What I like about WW is that some fruits and vegetables have a points value of 0 so you can fill up on those items and not use up your points.

I just wanted to quickly give you an idea of how much food I normally eat each day while on WW. If you are considering WW, the good thing about this plan is that it does not limit what types of foods you eat. You can eat carbs, sweets, even a cheeseburger or pizza if you want to, you just have to stay within your points for the day/week. Because of this, I think it is easier to stick to the plan. You don’t feel deprived of certain foods you love. The only negative to WW online would be remembering to go in and track what you ate. If you are busy, you may forget, although going to the website and tracking what you ate for the whole day takes only 3-4 minutes.

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