Friday, September 21, 2012

Natural Hair

At age 20, I went natural...went into the bathroom with a pair of scissors, without even thinking twice, and cut off all of my hair. I was in LOVE with this hair you see in the picture. I loved everything about it at this length. I loved how I could condition it really well and it would just form these beautiful curls. I loved not worrying about styling it, just wash it and go. I would even wear hats sometimes tilted to one side that allowed a few small curls to peak out from the other side.

I don’t have the courage to chop it all off the way I did back then but I do miss the beauty, plushness and fluffiness of having natural hair. It is a texture that cannot be mimicked with relaxed hair. It spoke to my personality in a different way than relaxed hair does. I like both textures, relaxed and natural, but my heart misses my natural texture in this moment because I have not seen it in all its glory in years. There is no way for me to have the best of both worlds because when my hair was natural, I could not straighten it to a point where it would resemble relaxed hair. And to be honest, I did not try it more than a few times because I was fearful of damaging my curls beyond repair with heat.

Maybe one day I will revisit my natural hair…

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