Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 5 Recap on Weight Watchers

Well, week 5 on WW went awesome. I had no issues this week. I had no temptations and no situations that would cause me to compromise my daily points value. I exercised my normal five days out of the week, Monday through Friday.

Week 1, Monday 7/30 – My starting weight was 172.2 lbs.

Week 2, Monday 8/6 -- I weighed in at 170.8 lbs.
Week 3, Monday 8/13 -- I weighed in at 167.8 lbs

Week 4, Monday 8/20 -- I weighed in at 170.6 lbs
Week 5, Monday 8/27 -- I weighed in at 167.8 lbs
Week 6, Monday 9/3 – I weighed in at 163.0 lbs

Total weight lost so far: 9.2 lbs

I have clothes in my closet in different sizes from the various sizes I have been over the years, the smallest being size 7/8 and the largest being 15/16. I was wearing the size 15/16 jeans when I was at my highest weight of 186lbs. I am proud to say those jeans no longer fit. Not only that, I tried on my size 9 jeans in my closet this week and to my surprise, they fit!! I was very shocked because in the past I could fit size 9 jeans when my weight is in the 140s, so for them to fit in the 160s was strange. I don’t know if I am carrying my weight differently or what but what I do know is that I do not want to get down smaller than a size 7.
My goal weight is 136lbs. That is 27 more lbs. At 136lbs I should comfortably fit size 7/8 clothes. I am going to give myself a goal of 10 more weeks to reach my goal weight. 10 more weeks will be November 12, a few days after I turn 29 years old. That is very reasonable. That is approximately 2.7lbs a week. Last week I lost almost 5 pounds which is definitely more than I should be losing for healthy weight loss. I am not going to lie though, I am happy with the number this week.
BTW, last night on YouTube I was watching a documentary called My 600lb Life that originally aired on TLC. It documented the story of four people over 600 pounds going through gastric bypass surgery, multiple skin removal surgeries and how these things affected their lives. I pulled a few images of that documentary off the internet, see below.

These people really touched my heart for various reasons. First of all, because they were no different than you and I.  They were people who somehow managed to gain an enormous amount of weight due to food addiction and/or using food as a coping mechanism. But their hearts and spirits are the same as anyone else and you can see the emotional pain that the weight has caused. I loved their personalities because they were genuinely good people, just in a bad situation.
We live in a world where people judge others by their physical appearance which is not the way it should be. Just because someone is overweight does not mean they are fat and lazy. You just may not know the circumstances that got them to that point. Treat them with respect and compassion. Judge them by their character and what’s in their heart. Pray for them that they beat the food addiction and become healthy. Teach your kids that there are people who may be different from what we consider is normal and that is okay. We should love each other. We should care for each other.
If you have a chance to watch the documentary on YouTube, please do. It is quite interesting and extremely inspiring. I found myself smiling a lot as I watched these wonderful people reach some of their weightloss goals. It is also a motivator for anyone who is overweight to get their weight under control before it gets out of control. The more weight you put on, the more difficult it is to take it off.
Love you all J Be blessed!

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