Wednesday, March 13, 2013

People Are Noticing

So yesterday, while I was walking to the printer at work, a co-worker who I do not talk to or see on a daily basis stopped me and asked me, “So, how much is it now?”  At first I did not understand the question, and so he rephrased it, "I noticed you are losing a lot of weight, how much have you lost so far?" Honestly surprised I replied, “Can you tell I’ve lost weight?” A stupid response given the fact that he just said that he noticed but I was genuinely surprised.

That made my day! I have gotten to the point where it is obviously noticeable that I have been losing weight. I cannot tell so much by looking in the mirror, I guess because I see myself every day, but if others can see a difference, then my hard work is paying off. That makes me feel good. Every hour of every day at least a thought or two goes towards “what will I eat” or “when will I exercise” or “how much weight am I losing” and even “how much weight am I gaining.” A weight loss journey can be very physically and mentally exhausting but the rewards are worth it. When the weight comes off, it is all worth it.

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