Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ASP Light-Less Gel Kit

Now that spring it here, I really want to get back into polishing my nails. I have TONS of beautiful nail polishes that have just been sitting for most of the winter because I have not felt like polishing my nails. The maintenance is what really turns me off because even if I use an awesome topcoat, within about three days my nails start to chip. It doesn't help that I am mother and I braid my three daughters' hair, wash dishes, scrub tubs, etc. All are added stress to my nails destroying any pretty manicure I may have done.
Anyway, I have found a solution. This Light-Less Gel Kit from ASP. I used it to do my nails above and it was super easy. Put the gel on and smooth it out, spray it with the gel cure spray, buff it out so that it is smooth, apply your polish and top coat. I did not use the tips that came in the kit because I like to keep my nails short. It is just easier for me to braid hair with short nails. So I am going to give this a go and see how long my polish lasts before it needs to be redone. I really think I am going to love this.

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