Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why Are We Contouring Our Noses?

I wanted to do a video on this and post to my YouTube channel but I have not been in the mood, so I decided to just write a blog post about it. Today I was watching a YouTube video of a lady doing her makeup. She forgot to contour her nose and she said something to the effect of “I had to go back and contour my nose because this makes your nose look thin and perfect.” Hmmmm….I do not equate a thin nose with being a perfect nose, nor do I equate a thick nose and being a perfect nose. In my mind, the nose you were born with should be your “perfect” nose.
Let me explain further. One of the identifying features of black people are thick facial features…i.e. thick noses & thick lips. That is not to say that some black people do not have thin noses or lips, we do, but a lot of black people have thicker noses and lips in comparison to our Caucasian brothers and sisters. The opposite is true for Caucasian people, their noses and lips tend to be thinner than black people. 

So who came up with the idea that a thin nose is a perfect nose? Was it Michael Jackson or someone else? Why are black women all over YouTube contouring their noses so that their nose appears thinner? Is a thin nose the standard of beauty? This is just another example of why we must be careful of the trends we are following. Yes, it is a huge make-up trend right now to contour your face including your nose. I have no problem with contouring your face to bring back the dimension that was lost after applying foundation, but I do have a problem with contouring your nose so that it appears thinner for the sake of having a thin and perfect nose. Personally, I will stick with the nose I have. 

Please share any thoughts you may have in the comments, I would love to hear them. Also, if you have not read my post regarding mindlessly following trends, it can be found here: Mindlessly Following Trends

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