Friday, April 5, 2013

Laser Tattoo Removal Update #1

I had my laser tattoo removal consultation this morning and I also had my first treatment done! Yes, after the consultation the lady asked me if I wanted to get started today and I told her yes! So excited.

I already had a lot of my questions answered about the procedure based on my own personal research. I knew certain colors were harder to remove from skin than others.  Black is the easiest to remove and lighter colors are more difficult colors to remove. My tattoo is black, red and blue so I was informed that the blue would probably be the last color to go and the most difficult to treat. Also, tattoo ink is more challenging to remove from darker skin tones without having adverse or negative effects. Negative effects as in light patches where the laser removed the brown pigmentation in black skin. Scary right? The good thing for me is that my tattoo is always covered by clothing so if something does go wrong, I won’t have it showing to the world every day. Just to myself L

We started by putting a regular ice pack over the tattoo for about three minutes. That was followed by a dry ice pack which stung a bit. The dry ice pack was on there for only about a minute. Then she lasered the area. At first, I could barely feel anything but once she got towards the end I could feel the popping or snapping feeling of the laser. It was totally bearable in my opinion. She made sure I was comfortable and asked me every so often if I needed a break, which I did not because it was not that painful. Maybe that is because this was the first treatment and the laser was not turned up that high.

She told me that in about twenty minutes after we were finished that I would have a “sunburn” feeling in the area that was treated. I kind of laughed in my head because I (being a black woman) have never had a sunburn in my life so I do not know what a sunburn feels like. But I know now! LOL. I did get an uncomfortable sensation in the area which I assume is similar to that of a sunburn.

That is about all regarding my experience with my treatment. Oh, maybe I should mention cost which I must add will vary depending on the clinic, the size of your tattoo, and other factors. The lady measured my tattoo which I believe was about 2 X 3 inches. Based on that, she quoted me a price of $200 per session with an estimate of 6-8 sessions to remove the tattoo (maybe more if the blue color does not respond well). If I purchased all my sessions in advance, I could get a bulk discount which was up to $150 off. Overall, this turned out to be a lot less expensive that I thought it would be.  

I am to return every 8 weeks for the next treatment so my second treatment is scheduled for May 31. is More updates to come….

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