Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Laser Tattoo Removal Update #3

It has been ten days since the first laser treatment. I can definitely see changes happening. These changes, unlike what I saw in the initial days after the treatment, are not ones that can only seen by me but actually other people would be able to notice, too. My skin is peeling in certain areas within the tattoo and once the skin peels, the new skin underneath is whitish in color. That could be a little scary but given the fact that normally if I get a scab and it peels off, the skin underneath is pinkish or whitish in color, so I am not worried. Also, the "what to expect" paperwork the laser clinic gave me said that this is a normal occurence and not to pick at the skin or apply any oitment to aid in healing --- just let it heal naturally.

Also, the whitish skin that is left once the top layer peels off does not have as much ink as the skin that has not peeled. This contradicts my understanding of how the laser tattoo removal works. I was my understanding that the laser will break up the tattoo ink and the body would naturally absorb and dispel the ink. More to come…

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