Thursday, August 16, 2012

Relaxer Day & Maxi Hair Review

So, I am going out of town tomorrow (Friday) so I decided to relax my hair today. Saturday would have been 16 weeks post but unfortunately I had to relax early because of my trip.

The relaxer went well. I used the same relaxer and same process as I have used in the past. Here are the results. This is just blow-dried hair. I did not do anything else to it. Excuse the quality of the pictures. I took them with my cell phone.

I got great growth this relaxer. I cut my hair on May 5th and three months later I have this much growth (seen below). The picture on the left I took the same day I cut my hair, the picture on the right is from today.

Not sure how many inches I gained but it is enought to motivate me to stick with this hair journey and continue to take the multi-vitamin I have been taking.

So here are my thoughts on Maxi Hair vitamins. I have been taking the time released maximized version of this particular brand of vitamins. It requires me to take two a day and I started out by taking one in the morning and one in the evening until I realized it was easy for me to forget to take the evening pill. Now I take two in the morning and since they are time released, I think that is okay (meaning I do not think that I am loading my body up with too much to absorb at once since they are time released). The bottle does not specify that the vitamins need to be taken at separate times of the day, it just says take two a day.

The pills are fairly large but not large enough to choke or gag me. I did notice when reading the reviews for this vitamin that some people complained about the size of the vitamin and having difficulty swallowing it but I have had no issues with that. The vitamin does have a medicinal taste/smell. In the reviews, people complained about this as well. It doesn't bother me because I throw the pill in the back of my throat and drink water to wash it down so I rarely taste anything. I only taste the vitamin if, for some reason, I did not swallow it properly on the first try and water has already touched the vitamin causing it to begin to dissolve a little.

These vitamins did not bother my stomach whether I took it on a full or empty stomach. Most of the time I took the vitamins with food because that is what the directions say and I don't want to compromise the amount of the vitamin that my body actually absorbs due to not following directions.

After seeing the rate of growth I received over the past few months of taking the vitamins, I definitely believe they contribute to faster hair growth. I have not noticed thicker hair, nor a change in my texture, just faster growth. So far, I definitely would recommend this vitamin.

Okay guys, I will be back soon. I have been on a roll with updating my blog. God Bless.

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