Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bantu Knots!

So last night I took my braids out. I enlisted the help of my 7 year old daughter so we got them out pretty quickly and I was left with this....

I knew I had about four weeks of shedded hair mixed in with my real hair so I carefully and meticulously combed through my hair removing as much hair as possible because I knew if I did not, once water hit my head, it would be a wrap. In other words, if I washed my hair without properly removing the shedded hair, that shedded hair would get tangled and matted into my hair, aided by the whole washing and conditioning process, to a point where knots would be almost impossible to get out.

After I washed and conditioned my hair and started detangling, I noticed I had two fairly large sized knots towards the back of my head. I don't know what contributed to those knots because my hair was fully detangled before washing and I had done my best to remove as much shedded hair as I could. So why the knots?

Anyway, I am very VERY happy I decided to buy the Mane N' Tail detangler before removing my braids because I really used it to help me last night. I soaked those knots in detangler and very slowly and carefully worked the knots out. The first knot took about 10 minutes with minimal hair loss. The second knot took about 15 minutes and almost brought forth tears. My hair was so matted together that I felt no matter how much I worked at it, I would end up either having to cut it out or just rake through it until the knot came out itself with all my hair attached to it. A bit more patience and added conditioner helped me work that knot out and I ended up with some breakage but not enough to cause me major concern.

So after that ordeal was over, I blow-dried my hair. I could not possibly dream of air-drying my 15-weeks post hair or I'd be looking at more knots and tangles around the new growth. After I blow-dried my hair, I moisturized it, sealed it with shea butter, and put it in about six bantu knots.

When I took the bantu knots down this morning, here were the results.

I love the way it looks. My hair does look alot shorter than what it is but the curls will fall as the day goes on and the style will look even better with looser curls. I have done bantu knots in the past and each time I do them, they always come out differently. No complaints though, I love the style.

My plan in to relax next weekend. I'm feeling this stretch is done. I don't want to encounter and more tangles or knots. It's kinda scary.

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