Thursday, July 28, 2011

Length Check T-Shirt

So I decided not to relax my hair until I can get a length check t-shirt. You know the ones with the measurements on the back.

I liked the ones Traycee was selling in her K.I.S.S. boutique but when I tried to access the website last night I was having no luck. Maybe she closed the boutique temporarily, I'm not sure. So I will be looking for length check t-shirts on other sites and hopefully today I can find one to buy so that when I relax my hair (and for all my length check pictures thereafter), I can use the shirt as an indication of growth and not my bra, lol.
I know I can make a shirt myself with a ruler and marker but I would rather have a neat looking one, not a homemade one. So the search is on to find a t-shirt I like...

UPDATE: I purchased a shirt from HairlistaInc. It was 12.99 plus 4.50 for shipping. I ordered a pink one because it was the only light color that was okay. I really don't like pink but I like it more than baby blue and wanted a light colored shirt rather than dark so my hair would show up well against the shirt. Let you know how I like it when I get it.

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