Friday, February 15, 2013

Taking It For Granted?

I’ve noticed lately how easily it can be to take things for granted. Things that you prayed for and so desperately wanted, once given, you forget how valuable these things once were to you. For instance, the job I currently have, when I was in the interview stage I prayed fervently for God to give me this job. I was blessed and have been working for this company since 2006. Yet it is so easy for me to complain how I don’t feel like going to work, or how I need a day off, or when given extra assignments at work I complain under my breath how this is just too much. All the while, I am forgetting that this is a job I PRAYED for. This is a job I wanted so badly and now that I have it, I take it for granted.

The same thing can apply in relationships and marriages. You were so excited when you met the person and you saw nothing but the great qualities about this person. Then as time passes, you begin to notice the little things that bother you. Things so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. You start taking this person for granted --- someone who has loved you, supported you, encouraged you and respected you. And why? Because that person leaves crumbs on the countertop or doesn’t put away the laundry or any of the million other little things that people complain about. Because you’ve taken that person for granted, you don’t express your love anymore. You don’t do the thoughtful things you used to do. You don’t take an interest in the things going on in that person’s life. Yet you prayed for this husband/wife and God answered your prayer and you don’t appreciate them anymore?

Makes you think right? I could go on and on. But those are my thoughts right now. I am guilty of taking things for granted and having a heart that is less than appreciative of the immense blessings I have been given. The first step to changing it is recognizing it, right?

Take care and God bless!

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