Monday, February 18, 2013

MAC's Diva Lipstick for the Perfect Matte Red Lip

All the talk on YouTube about MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick says that is the perfect red, that is looks good on every skin tone, and that you cannot find a more perfect matte red lipstick.

I beg to differ, lol. I went to the MAC store last week and picked up MAC’s Diva lipstick. Oh my goodness! Now for me this is ten times better than Ruby Woo. And yes, I own and have worn Ruby Woo.  Diva is a deeper red and to me it is more flattering on medium to deep brown skin. Of course, I am not in the majority with my opinion on this one but if you have tried Ruby Woo and just felt like it was “okay,” try Diva.

I am going to be doing a makeup haul on my YouTube channel very soon where I will feature this lipstick. Look out for that video :)

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