Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inches Equal Progress Too

I really have been working hard at the gym lately. I finally found out how high the resistance on the elliptical machine goes.....up to a level 20. And yes, I have been cranking it up to a level 20 for the pat two weeks. Just think, a few months ago I was putting the resistance level anywhere between 4-6 and felt like I was getting a decent workout. Now I feel like I am breezing through and hour on the elliptical machine at a level 20.

The weight is coming off slowly. I mentioned my frustration about this to you all in an earlier post. I am just going to have to be patient. I actually went to GNC to get a particular fat burner that I researched and decided on purchasing, but it was not in stock, so I just took that as a sign that I should continue this weight loss journey naturally.

I took my measurements back on September 25th, approximately five months ago. They were as follows:

Bust - 39 inches
Waist - 33 inches
Hips - 40 inches
Thigh - 24 inches
Calf - 16 inches

I took them again today and here are the results:

Bust - 37.5 inches (down 1.5 inches)
Waist - 31.25 inches (down 1.75 inches)
Hips - 39.25 inches (down a 3/4 of an inch)
Thigh - 23 inches (down 1 inch)
Calf - 15.25 inches (down 3/4 of a inch)

Yes, I have a 15 inch calf....what can I say, I am a girl with big legs, lol. So definitely progress as far as inches. I can tell a difference when I try on clothes. I feel like I look better. I have lost a little more weight since my last weight loss update so I will be doing a weight loss update video very soon and posting it on my YT channel. Thank goodness for every pound lost, thank goodness for every inch lost, and thank goodness for the patience to keep on this journey.

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