Friday, January 18, 2013

This Battle is Not Over

So this week I have been an absolute bum when it comes to working out and watching what I eat. I have not worked out for 8 whole days! I can definitely tell. I feel sluggish and my body feels heavy. My pants even feel tight. You are probably thinking that I am exaggerating but I am not. If I don’t workout for a few days, I immediately feel the difference. I just have not been in the mood. It takes a lot of energy to constantly watch what you are putting in your mouth and to make yourself workout especially if you are not feeling up to it.

In the last weight loss update vlog I posted, I had just gotten back from vacation and was motivated to start the new year off right and to lose the extra weight. That was on January 7th  and that day I weighed in at 164.4. Today (not quite two weeks later), I weighed in at 168lbs. And this is NOT with clothes or shoes on! How? Why? I almost want to cry. Almost. I cannot cry though because I know it is my fault. Skipping the gym. Eating late. Eating what I want. Last night I ate two slices of Papa John’s pizza and about four cheese sticks at 9:30pm, just to climb into the bed and sleep at 10pm. So what do you think that pizza and breadsticks did? The food sat in my stomach and most likely got turned into fat because I was not burning any major calories in my sleep.

I am upset, disappointed, angry, sad, frustrated, and I almost feel defeated. I cannot maintain my weight without true WORK. Have you seen that tooth whitening commercial that says,  “If you are not whitening, you are yellowing.” If I am not working out/eating right, I am gaining. What happened to staying the same? It would not be so disappointing if two weeks later I weighed in at the exact same weight. Okay, I did not lose but at least I did not gain…..ya know? If you are reading this, please pray for me. Pray that I may have the strength to overcome temptation….the temptation to eat whatever my heart desires and temptation to skip my workouts due to pure laziness. Pray that the devil will not plant the seed of defeat in my mind, and if he does, pray that I will not believe it. This battle is not over.

Hopefully, the next weight loss vlog I post will be bringing good news. God Bless. Talk to you all again soon!

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