Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 -- Being Exceptional at the Ordinary Things

My vacation the week of New Year’s ended with a long drive back to Texas from Michigan starting Saturday and ending Sunday morning. While on vacation, I was not really interested in sorting through all my New Year’s goals. I just wanted to relax and enjoy being away from home and off of work. So Sunday, I decided it was a good time to write down my goals for 2013.  I know some will not agree with me but I think this is extremely important. Not just at the start of a new year, but at the start of a new job, or new year in school, or anything you may be starting.

I think in order to be accountable for what you want in life for yourself (actions, behaviors, accomplishments), you have to have a plan. And what is a plan if it is not written down. Can you really follow a plan in your head? Can you look back to see which goals were met and which ones were not if the plan is in your head? I personally do not think so. Write it down! Review it regularly! Pray over it! Revisit it! At the end of the year, mark off the things you've accomplished and feel good about your progress.

So Sunday, I bought a little small journal from the grocery store to use as my book of goals. As I mentioned before, my motto for 2013 is to be exceptional at the ordinary things. So I wrote down all my goals, big and small ones…anything that I wanted to start doing or start doing better, or even stop doing. My plan is to read over my goals at least once a week so that I stay on track.

One of my friends mentioned that New Year’s resolutions can seem trivial and the only thing that is important is doing what GOD wants every single day. I have to agree and disagree. I agree because it is absolutely true that our main concern should be pleasing God, doing his will in our lives everyday. But I also disagree because the goals you set for yourself should be in line with pleasing God. For example, one of my goals was to read with my children every night before bed. I think my children will be blessed by this. I think this is something that will make me a better mother, and thus something that will be pleasing to God. So what do you all think about that? Is it okay to have a goal of finishing your degree or learning to play guitar or something like that, or are those things trivial compared to what is really important?

I just wanted to throw that out as something to think about. For me personally, I am all about setting goals for myself at the beginning of the year. Some may call them New Year's resolutions, it is all the same. I have prayed over them. I have asked God to show me if there is anything that I am currently doing or anything I would like to do that is not what He would have me to do. 2013 is all about becoming a better Ebonee. It’s that simple. Take care and talk to you all again soon.

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