Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dr. Oz Three Day Detox Cleanse

I have never done a detox or cleanse before but my sister told me about the Dr. Oz Three Day Detox Cleanse. She completed the cleanse and lost a few pounds in the process. I am excited to give this detox plan a try and see how it works for me. I am off of work this Friday so Friday, Saturday and Sunday would be perfect to complete this 3-day cleanse.

If I manage to get all the needed ingredients before Friday and complete the detox, I will vlog each of the three days to share my experience.

Dr. Oz’s website states about the plan: “Eliminate harmful toxins, restore your system, and reset your body with this detox cleanse from Dr. Oz. All you need is 3 days, a blender and $16 a day!”

I have linked the plan below for anyone who is interested.

Dr. Oz Three Day Detox Cleanse

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