Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Braid-out Success

So this past weekend I had a party to go to. I normally will curl my hair with a curling iron and wear it down for special occasions, but in my quest to use less heat and maintain my ends, I decided to do a braid-out instead. I really was not sure how this braid-out was going to turn out because the last one I did (around Christmas/New Year’s) was an epic fail. My hair was frizzy and the waves from the braid were not smooth and shiny like I am used to. Looking back, I know this was because of the many split ends I had at the time. Split ends can devastate any style.

Well, this past Friday and washed and deep conditioned my hair. I rinsed and put my leave-in conditioner throughout my hair. While my hair was still wet, I braided it in three sections -- top left, top right, and back. My hair in the back of my head has always been less dense then the rest of my head so I can get away with doing only one braid in the back. I have done braid-outs with two braids with great results as well. I put sponge rollers covered in satin on the ends of each braid so once the braid is released, the waves would have a slight curl at the ends. I slept in the braids and did not take them down until approximately 1pm the next day and my hair was still damp. Lesson learned, I won’t braid my hair soaking wet again. I will air dry my hair loose and once it is approximately 60% dry, then I will braid it and let it finish drying completely in the braid.

Nevertheless, the braid-out turned out beautifully. Sorry, I don’t have pictures. I was able to wear the braid out for three days without rebraiding or doing anything at all to it. I will say on Day 2, it looked the best. I am glad I was able to create a no heat style that looked awesome. I had my phony pony on standby just in case things did not turn out well, lol.

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