Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why I Blog About Hair

Some people have asked why is it that I dedicate a whole blog to hair and beauty (mainly hair) when there are so much more meaningful topics to blog about, ones that add more value to people’s lives like religion, motherhood, education, etc. Well I do it for several reasons:
  1. Because I have learned so much from other afro-textured hair bloggers and I would love to be a to share my experiences and pass on the knowledge.
  2. It is a way for me to keep track of progress, setbacks, products that work well and not so well, and how particular hair routines have affected my hair.
  3. It is just a hobby.
I have other things in my life that are priorities and my hair is not even in the top 10. Sometimes I will go weeks without blogging just because other more important things have occupied my time. I would love to blog about other topics, but I don’t feel like I could do them justice. I am still learning and evolving in other areas of my life and I am not at a point where I can contribute at a level where I feel proud to do so. But with that being said, I have just embarked on a weight loss journey and I would love to blog about that for the same reasons as why I blog about hair, to share my experiences and to track my progress and setbacks. That blog should be coming soon. I will post that link when it is up and running for anyone who is interested.

Talk to you again soon!

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