Monday, May 21, 2012

Maxi Hair Vitamins

I just ordered the Maxi Hair vitamins that have been on my wish list. I really hope I can remember to take them consistently everyday so that if there is improvement to be made to my hair from the vitamins, I give myself a fair chance at seeing those results. I am also interested as to how these vitamins will help my nails. I wear my nails short, square, and polished in various colors. My wish is not for the vitamins to make my nails grow long, but rather to strengthen them because for some reason they always seem to chip off on the corners so my nice square nail looks some kind funky shape and it’s too short to file back down into a nice square shape like I like it. I will do an update after a couple of months to let you know how they are working for me (or not working, lol).

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