Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Heat

The summer heat is drying out my hair so badly. On Sunday, I deep conditioned my hair (on dry hair) with my favorite moisturizing conditioner by Giovanni. After deep conditioning with a plastic cap for about an hour, I rinsed my hair and did a co-wash with the same conditioner. My goal was to try to infuse as much moisture into my hair as possible. After co-washing, I put in my leave-ins and let my hair air dry. My hair air dried nicely, it felt moist and supple.

We decided to go a friend’s house around 1pm and just the trip to their house and back home dried out my hair so badly. The heat was intense even though we did use the air conditioner riding there and back, but before the air conditioner kicked in, it was sweltering hot. When I got home that evening my hair felt crispy and crunchy like it was dying of thirst (moisture). I detangled it with my hand ever so gently because when my hair is dried out, it gets tangled and tends to break easily if I try to comb through it. After I detangled, I moisturized my hair and sealed it with my olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil mixture. This mixture is so healing and though they are oils, seems to be so moisturizing – I like to think of them as emergency oils.

That is just one occasion but my hair gets so dry almost daily having to go outside to work, the store, etc. I normally moisturize and seal once a day, but to combat this summer heat, I have been moisturizing twice a day – in the morning when I style my hair for the day, and in the evening when I go to bed. Unless it is a special occasion, I try to wear protective styles to retain some of that moisture in my hair.

I am six weeks post and my new growth is fierce. My hair is sitting on top of my head like a helmet – you know how the hair sits out from your head a little bit before it falls straight down. It’s that gravity defying new growth that makes kinky textured hair grow out and not down. I contribute my lush new growth to the Maxi Hair vitamins I have been taking for the past three weeks but I will do a separate review on that listing the pros and the cons after my stretch is over and I can see how much length I have gained.

I am excited to grow back all the length I cut off…..quickly but keeping the health of my hair as priority.

Until next time….

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