Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weight Loss

Well, the weight loss blog I wanted to start is a no-go. I just figured, after I lose the weight, what really will I be able to write about that would be worth dedicating a whole blog to? So I scrapped that idea and decided I would share bits and pieces of my weight loss journey here on this blog.

Progress so far:
May 7 (Start) - 185lbs
June 20 (Today) - 172lbs
That is down a total of 13 lbs in 6 weeks
An average of 2.1lbs per week

I am okay with my progress so far. It is slow and steady. Here is a poem I wrote to my dear old friend WEIGHT, lol. 

Dear Weight,
You never wait for me to say yes you can come visit
And what room is yours to stay in
You just show up
Choosing the plop down with your luggage in areas already full
And before you know it
I am trying to find ways to get you out
Because every single time, you overstay your welcome
You seem to spread out and take up more and more space
Giving people the impression that I am lazy
When it is really you making a mess of me
Before you know it, things are out of control
And I must demand for you to leave at once
I work diligently everyday
Cleaning up the mess you have made
Putting my “rooms” back in order
Making things look nice and neat as they had before
Let me tell you, it is a lot of work
And I don’t appreciate having to do it
So please don’t visit me again anytime soon
Just call me every now and then
To remind me of what can happen
When I let you come around
So that I will never become complacent
And leave my front door open for you to walk in

I’ll be back with hair updates soon!!!

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