Saturday, August 6, 2011

Relaxer Day

I relaxed today and here are the results of my corrective relaxer attempt. Before on the left, after on the right, both on wet hair.

As you can see I was successful in correcting the section of my hair that was texlaxed. For picture purposes I only pulled out a small section of hair, but actually, the whole top left quadrant of my hair was suffering from two textures. When I say left quadrant, just imagine dividing your head into four sections, like most people do when relaxing their hair. My whole upper left section or quadrant had two textures, but now I was able to fix it and I am extremely happy about that.

I took a picture of my hair with my length check T-Shirt.

As you can see, I am slightly above line 7. It will be really cool to see where I am next relaxer, which is the whole reason why I bought this shirt. For those of you who gage length better by using the body, I am full arm pit length. Line 9 would put me approximately BSL, and the last line, line 13 is my ultimate goal. I won't grow my hair past that length.

As you probably can also see, my ends are quite uneven. Although they are uneven, the aren't necessarily unhealthy. Please see the pic below...

I won't do a blunt cut until I am full bra strap length. Most of the time I don't wear my hair straight; I will wear styles where you can't really notice the different lengths so cutting my ends are not my priority right now. I guess that's about all for this relaxer.  I used the same relaxer I always do, the SoftSheen Carson Optimum Care relaxer. The pic below was blow-dried hair, and my bangs were slightly bumped under with a flat iron.  Talk to you again soon, thanks for stopping by :)

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