Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Relaxer Day Approaching

So I got my length check shirt in the mail today. Yay! Pic below. I wish the numbers and lines were black though, just so they could be seen a little better.

So I think I am going to relax this weekend. Like I said in my post titled Corrective Relaxer, this relaxer I am going to try to even out the texture of one section of my hair. As you can see below my hair is straight, then goes curly due to underprocessing, then goes straight again on the ends.  This pic is of wet hair and the red arrow points to the hair I need to correct. The green hair points to the texture I want to acheive evenly from root to ends. Wish me luck! I should go to a professional, but I am a do it yourself type of girl, lol.

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