Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Enemy Lies...

I was reading one of my favorite blogger's blog today and she mentioned how the devil has been lying to her, putting thoughts in her head that were totally false, causing her to react negatively to her husband. She said that she has had an attitude of self-pity....you know that attitude that you can sometimes get where you feel as if no one is helping you, as if you are doing all the work, as if no one sees how much you do and no one seems to care.

Well, in reading her post, I felt convicted because this is exactly the attitude I have been having lately. The enemy has been lying to me, too. Unfortunately, I have fallen for the trap and have been believing the lies. I was getting frustrated at work because I felt as if I have been doing more than my share of the work because someone in particular was being lazy and not applying themselves as they should. I was feeling frustrated at home because I felt as if everyone relies on me for everything, even things that they should be able to handle on their own.

I have been feeling a lot of pressure from all of my responsibilities and with the enemy telling me that no one appreciates what you are doing, no one is courteous enough to help you, you do all the work and no one cares, etc., I was becoming bitter and sometimes a bit unpleasant to be around. I would be snappy when asked the simplest of questions. I would be critical and negative in most situations. I did not recognize I was doing this until I read her post. Then it kind of clicked, "Hey, this is what is happening to me, too."

The great thing about blogs and sharing on the internet is that you can help others to learn and grow. So after realizing how the enemy has been working in my life, I am making a conscious effort to ignore the lies. I am making an effort to look at situations from a place of gratitude because I have SO much to be grateful for but it is easy to lose sight of that when you are going through life's day to day drudgery.

I am blessed to have a family to care for even though sometimes it is tough. I know that I am already equipped with the tools needed to do the job, I just need to make sure I am approaching it from a position of gratitude rather than looking at my responsibilities as "just more work on my plate." I am blessed to have a job, and yes I may have to do more than my fair share of the work somedays, but isn't that better than being unemployed and not having the financial means to care for your family? It sure is. I remember six years ago I prayed very hard for this job. I was sooo happy to finally receive the job offer from the company and now I complain because I have to "work"....you see my point?

Check out the blog below that I was referring to in my post. This lady is a wonderful blogger and has truly been a blessing to me since I have started reading her blog. God bless you all.

She Looketh Well

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