Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Staple 9 Products

Yep, another hair post, lol.

I realized when looking in my bathroom cabinets that I have tons of half used hair products. When I started taking care of my hair, I started using certain products which I considered my staple products but I would pick up products here and there to try out and now I have tons of half used products taking up space. I just want to get rid of them and organize the space they currently occupy.

The only products I feel I need are:

1.    A moisturizing shampoo
2.    A chelating shampoo
3.    A moisturizing conditioner
4.    A light protein conditioner
5.    A medium/heavy protein conditioner
6.    A detangler
7.    A daily moisturizer
8.    An oil/sealant
9.    A heat protectant serum/spray

That’s it! It may seem like a lot of products for some, but from what I have seen, it’s really not a lot. For the next four months, I won’t be buying any new products unless I am out of one of the things listed above. I will use all the products I already have and once they are used up, I will buy one of each of the nine products I need and stick with that. I will update you all with a list of products that I will keep as my staple 9 products. I am leaning toward inexpensive products (easily found at Wal-Mart or Beauty Supply store) because come January 2013, I will be in extreme budget mode. I did not put leave-in conditioner on the list because my moisturizer can double as a leave-in conditioner. Any suggestions for any of the staple 9 products?

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