Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SistaWithRealHair's YouTube Challenge/Contest

So I wanted to take a family portrait this coming weekend but I am still debating if I will or not because the scrape on son’s face is okay but it could be better. I know if I wait another two weeks he would be good to go for the picture but I am afraid within two weeks, another child will have scratched up her face playing. Hahaha….do I sound picky? Maybe I should just take the picture as is, it would be more realistic right? Kids get scraped up, I got scraped up as a kid with the pictures to prove it.

Anyway, so this past Friday after Thanksgiving, I decided to give my hair some TLC. I washed it, deep conditioned for an hour, and took my time to detangle it. It was a tangled mess after washing because of the new growth. I blow dried my hair and rolled my hair with foam rollers. I liked the results, see below.

I liked the fullness that the new growth gives my hair. I liked the results so much that I would rather have this look for a family portraits as opposed to freshly relaxed hair that tends to be thin and limp the first couple of weeks. So I am going to hold off on relaxing my hair for a few weeks and take the picture with my hair the way it is now. One of the ladies I watch on YouTube is having a challenge/contest starting sometime in December (hopefully Dec 21). I wanted to enter her contest and start with a fresh relaxer and trim. The last time I cut my hair was May 5th and I cut about 3 inches off. I have not trimmed since then, almost 7 months ago. Definitely time for a trim!

May 5th Hair Cut

Her YouTube channel name is SistaWithRealHair. Her hair is natural and very long. She uses a lot of unconventional ways to take her hair. When I say unconventional, I simply mean that she does not follow what all the hair boards, blogs, and YouTube hair gurus will normally tell you that you should or should not do. She does what works for her hair and I love her! I love watching her videos. The challenge/contest is open to anyone who is interested in joining. Watch her video below for details. She will be putting out an official contest video soon where you can sign up if you want to join the contest portion of the challenge.

FYI --  I just noticed she started a new YT channel. Check the info box of the video above if you were interested in subscribing to her so that you get the lastest contest info on the new channel.

I am so excited about this contest. This is the first hair contest I have ever joined. I am going to be making videos for this challenge and uploading them to YouTube and also to my blog so stayed tuned if you are interested…..and JOIN if you would like to, I think it will be really fun.

Stay Blessed Everyone!

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