Monday, November 19, 2012

Hair Update

My hair. It is quite something to see at this point. When I read other ladies blogs and watch their YouTube videos and they are 6, 8, 12+ months post relaxer and are still rocking their hair and looking nice I often wonder how do they do it! I am almost 14 weeks post relaxer, which is about 3 months, and my hair looks horrible. My roots are so thick and coarse that it would take careful and well-thought out styling to look presentable. Last night, after wearing my hair loose all over my head most of the day Sunday, when it was time to tie my hair up at night, it was extremely dry and tangled. I sectioned my hair into three sections, sprayed my Mane N’ Tail detangler on each section and started from my ends to roots gently detangling my hair. After the section was detangled, I moisturized it and sealed it with a mixture of shea butter and oils. Then I braided the section. After I braided all three sections I tied my hair up and that is how it remains right now under a wig cap and a wig.

The thought to relax my hair this week has crossed my mind but I want to stretch longer. That is how it always goes. If I plan to stretch for 16 or more weeks, around week 13 or 14 my roots are a crazy tangled dry mess. It is probably due to my technique for managing my hair at this point in my stretch which is just leaving my hair alone. I try to manipulate my hair as little as possible and sometimes this low manipulation technique leads to neglect.

I wanted to take a family portrait on Saturday, December 1. If I stick to that plan, I will probably relax my hair the Friday before so I can wear my “real” hair for the portrait and not a wig. We’ll see if I even am able to take the family portrait that weekend because my kids always have some kind of bump, bruise, scratch, or scrape on their faces. Conveniently, it is never at the same time. Once one person is healed, another person gets something.  So right now my son has a big scrape under one of his eyes that has not healed yet, we will see if it is picture ready by December 1. If not, the family portrait will be postponed and relaxing my hair with be postponed.   

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