Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Revamping So Much!

Reading The Science of Black Hair has opened my eyes to alot of things about my hair that I previously had no idea about. This book has caused me to revamp my routine, my products, and my plans of how to acheive my hair goals. I will go into detail later.

 In the meantime, my stretch is going lovely! I believe I am going to be 10 weeks post in a couple of days and I feel as if I can stretch for quite a few more weeks. I am still suffering from the damage I caused when I colored my hair but 2012 will be my year for repairing and getting this head of hair back in tip top condition.


Talk to you again soon, Ebonee


  1. I want this book so bad! Now that you said it's a good book I am most def gonna get it.

  2. Definitely get the book, lol. Got mine off Amazon :)