Friday, January 20, 2012

12 Weeks Post Relaxer

Finally taking the time to update my blog. Today I am 12 weeks post relaxer. My hair routine consists of relaxing every 12 weeks at a minimum but ofcourse I will try to stretch as long as I can as long as it is not causing damage to my hair. My stretch is going extremely well. I have been washing once a week, air drying, moisturizing and sealing, and then putting my hair in 8 sponge rollers.  This is also how I maintain my hair during the week; I moisturize and seal and then put my hair in the 8 sponge rollers. I tie my hair up and then sleep. In the morning I take my rollers out and I have beautiful, highly moisturized, soft curls. I then proceed to smooth my hair back into a ponytail (with my hands only) and kinda comb out the curls with my fingers as I am doing that. Once in the ponytail, I will take some aloe vera gel, and my boar bristle brush and groom my edges. I will either wear the ponytail for the day or I will put my hair in a bun. 

When I moisturize, seal, and roll my hair I only use my hands. When I undo my hair and put it in a ponytail in the morning, I only use my hands. I personally think that this has been very helpful on this stretch at preventing breakage, especially at the line of demarcation where my new growth and relaxed hair meet. In the back of my head, my hair has the tightest curl pattern so if I try to comb this area when I have 12 weeks worth of new growth, it is almost guaranteed I will get some breakage.  Although the using my hand to “comb my hair” technique is working great, I think I will need to go back to the phony pony either next week or the week after to decrease the amount of manipulation my hair is experiencing due to daily styling. All and all though, I am very pleased with the condition of my hair.

I do think that I need a trim though. You are probably thinking, “Ebonee, you have been trimming off all your progress these last few months!” Yes, that is true. Right before my last relaxer I cut off a significant amount of hair due to damage from the haircolor I did a while back. Even though that made my hair look and feel a whole lot better, I think it will take one or two more trims to really get my hair to the point it needs to be to be truly healthy. Once again, no more haircoloring for me, ever!!! This has been a major setback in growing out my hair, but health always comes before length so my priority is getting my hair healthy first.

I may be able to get some pictures up on the old blog here soon….maybe this weekend. Oh, and my current list of products and regimen is coming soon. I’m shooting for this weekend as well for that.

Hope everyone reading this is well!!!

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