Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Styling 10-Weeks Post Hair

So I had a birthday party for my fiancé and friends to go to this weekend. I wanted my hair to be cute, neat and presentable ofcourse, but that is not always an easy task at 10 weeks post without using a fair amount of heat. So I reached for my old trusty phony pony, lol. I am actually pretty tired of wearing this ponytail but I don’t have many no heat, low manipulation, low maintenance options when I am far along in my stretch that can keep me from actually having to handle my new growth. I would love to get into wigs, the ones I can easily slip on and off and just cornrow my hair underneath but I have a problem with hair that looks “really fake.” Some women can pull it off beautifully but I cannot.  Maybe I am just not used to seeing myself with fake hair. I’ve had some short curly wigs that I liked but I only wore it once for a week and put some cornrows in the front of my head to kind of pull the style together so it would not look so “wiggy.”

Anyway, getting back on topic, so here are a few pictures of my current style with the phony pony. I rolled the hair on the top of my head to make a little hump to give the style some dimension. I slicked the sides back so they were very smooth using just my regular moisturizer and a boar bristle brush. I secured the ponytail with additional bobby pins even though it is a drawstring ponytail, just for that extra security. The result will last one week and still look pretty good, but I can definitely stretch it for two weeks if I tie it up every night to prevent the ponytail from become tangled and ratty looking.

I may relax in two weeks at 12 weeks post or I may stretch longer. I am not sure. I’ll be back again soon.

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