Monday, July 30, 2012

Weight Watchers

So this week, today, started my first day on Weight Watchers. I used Weight Watchers in the past to lose about 40lbs after my son was born. I was able to maintain my size relatively well until I became pregnant with my youngest daughter. Ofcourse, I naturally gained weight during the pregnancy and some of the weight came off immediately after I gave birth, but a few months later I ballooned back to the weight I was when I gave birth. Crazy, I know. Gaining weight is a funny thing because you don't really feel it as you are gaining it, but all of a sudden one day your clothes don't fit, or you take a picture and see it just to realize you are a lot bigger than you thought you were.

Well, Day 1 went well. I am motivated and ready to lose the weight so I was not tempted to stray outside of the set amount of points that I was allotted for the day. I did do my normal workout at work for 45 minutes and will continue to do that everyday I am at work (5 days most weeks). I hope to see a minimum of a 3lb lost for week 1. Three pounds would break the plateau that I have been on for the past month and put me in the 160s.

I really hope this goes well. Wish me luck.

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