Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Should I or Should I Not? That is the Question...

Tomorrow I am off work and I hear a little voice saying use that day while the kids are away to relax my hair. I wanted to stretch at least 16 weeks. Right now I am 13 weeks post relaxer so I’m not even close if I were to relax tomorrow. My stretch is still going fine. I am not experiencing any breakage or shedding. I just feel a little tired of not looking “polished.” I hope no one takes offense to that word because it is coming from someone who has worn my hair both natural and relaxed in my adult years and I have loved both. The unpolished feeling comes from having nearly 2 inches of natural hair and the rest being relaxed, and the combination of the two don’t always agree or look the best.

If you see a relaxer update post here in the next few days, or possibly tomorrow, you know what decision I made. LOL.

Happy Hair Growing!

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