Friday, February 3, 2012

Relaxer Day!

Well, I decided to relax yesterday so I ended my stretch at 13 weeks. The stretch was good and I am glad that I stretched more than the minimum 12 week goal I set for myself in my HAIR GOALS.  This time I used a different relaxer. I normally use the Optimum in the red box, but because I have heard so many rave reviews about the ORS Olive Oil relaxer (green box) I wanted to try it so I did. 

I must say that did not like the ORS relaxer. It left my hair texlaxed in a few areas although I relaxed my hair in the same manner I normally do (see pic below). I have been relaxing my own hair since age 14 so I have a good idea of how to use a relaxer to get my hair to the desired texture. Yes, all relaxers are different but I still prefer the Optimum and will be using that next time. I don’t know why I decided to change it because it was working just fine.


So I washed, deep conditioned, and blow dried my hair and these are the results below:

Looks pretty nice in the photo, but overall, my ends were reflecting a lot of damage and were very uneven in the back. So I decided to cut about two inches off all around my head which evened up the back on my hair (about what you see under the white line).

I couldn’t take a picture of the end result in the back because I was home alone with no one to take the picture while I turned around, but trust me, it is blunt and even. The goal for now is to continue with my regimen and maintain my ends so that I won’t have to trim on my next relaxer. It is very possible that I will have to trim a least once more because the last four inches of my hair were in pretty bad shape, and the two inches I took off just evened up everything but it did not address all the damage. I will evaluate my hair on my next relaxer and will make the decision from there to trim or not. And the stretch begins again...

Happy Hair Growing Y’all!

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