Monday, April 23, 2012

This Stretch is Almost Over!

I have not blogged in a while. Well, longer than a while….since my last relaxer and this Thursday makes 12 weeks post so it’s almost time for my next relaxer. My hair has been uneventful except for some greater than normal shedding I experienced for about 3-4 weeks during this stretch. I could not pinpoint the culprit. It was not stress, it was not diet or illness….everything is the same as it has always been. It was not due to using new hair products, I have been using the same products as I usually do. So I concluded that it may be due to one or two things.

First, it may be seasonal shedding. Everyone sheds more during certain times of the year than during others. I thought maybe since the weather was getting warmer (transitioning from winter into spring and summer) that it may be the cause of the increased shedding. The second possible reason is due to hard water. I have very hard water where I live. My hair never feels incredibly soft when I wash and condition it as it has in the past, even after I use a chelating shampoo. I know it is due to the hard water but I also read on the internet that hard water can cause shedding so I thought that hard water may have been a reason, too. Who knows?

Unfortunately, I have not have the time or energy to focus on my hair problems. I have too much other stuff going on that takes priority in my life right now so I just have not been worrying about the shedding. Instead, I cornrowed the front of my hair then placed a half wig on my head where the cornrows stopped. It looks beautiful. I have gotten more compliments on this hairstyle than I have ever gotten in my life, literally. I think in one day at work, 15 different people complimented my hair. I have been wearing it like this for 1 week. I will probably take it down this Thursday, wash and deep condition my hair, and prepare to relax it a few days after my hair has had time to rest. Talk to you all soon!

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