Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sometimes That's The Way It Is...

Eyes are open but I cannot see
My thoughts are clouding everything around me
My mind is consumed with thoughts unyielding
My heart is heavy with all of my feelings

It is not easy and it is not fair
I only hurt because I truly care
I only hurt because someone cares not
Past situations are gone, but forgotten you have not

I want to be free from the bondage of this world
I want to see the Father of this broken girl
I want my Father to make it right
I want my Father to shine his light

My heart is heavy and this room is dark
My heart is heavy and torn apart
In darkness lies fear and sadness 
In darkness are voices driving you to madness

The voices never whisper what is good
Yet the voices are clearly understood
Because they analyze my reality 
And sum it up with great finality 

Clear it up and wash it away
Clear it up with the truth today
For the longer a lie sits the deeper the stain
The purity of love we can never reclaim

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